Full Membership

Open to those performing IONM on a regular basis as a stand-alone roll within the procedure and hold as a minimum a Bachelor of Medical Science, postgraduate Neurophysiology study or equivalent.

Medical Support Membership

Medical Support Membership is granted to Medical Practitioners who have an interest in IONM, this includes Surgeons, Anaesthetists and Neurologists.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to all others that have an interest in IONM but do not hold the minimum qualifications for Full or Medical Support Membership. This includes Neurophysiology Technicians without minimum qualifications for full membership, Company representatives and CEO’s.

Student Membership

Open to those who are working toward minimum qualifications for Full Membership.Student membership is offered at a discount.

>> For any enquiries about membership please email

Download AAIM membership form Adobe Acrobat document [228.1 KB]